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Use of skilled and trained workforce requiredAdvanced safety curriculumApplication.

(1) An owner or operator of a stationary source that is engaged in activities described in code 324110 or 325110 of the North American industry classification system, when contracting for the performance of construction, alteration, demolition, installation, repair, or maintenance work at the stationary source, shall require that its contractors and any subcontractors use a skilled and trained workforce to perform all on-site work within an apprenticeable occupation in the building and construction trades. This section shall not apply to oil and gas extraction operations.
(2)(a) The department in consultation with the Washington state apprenticeship and training council shall approve a curriculum of in-person classroom and laboratory instruction for approved advanced safety training for workers at high hazard facilities.
(b) The safety training must be provided by a training provider, which may include a registered apprenticeship program, approved by the department. The department must periodically review and revise the curriculum to reflect current best practices.
(c) Upon receipt of certification from the approved training provider, the department must issue a certificate to a worker who completes the approved curriculum.
(d) The department may accept a certificate or other documentation issued by another state if the department finds that the curriculum and documentation of the other state meets the requirements of this subsection.
(3) This section applies to work performed under contracts awarded, contract extensions, and contract renewals occurring on or after January 1, 2020. This section shall also apply to work performed under a contract awarded before January 1, 2020, if the work is performed more than one year after January 1, 2020.
(4) This section does not apply to:
(a) The employees of the owner or operator of the stationary source, nor does it prevent the owner or operator of the stationary source from using its own employees to perform any work that has not been assigned to contractors while the employees of the contractor are present and working;
(b) A contractor who has requested qualified workers from the local hiring halls or apprenticeship programs that dispatch workers in the apprenticeable occupation and who, due to workforce shortages, is unable to obtain sufficient qualified workers within forty-eight hours of the request, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays excepted; and
(c) Emergencies that make compliance impracticable because they require immediate action to prevent harm to public health or safety or to the environment. This section applies as soon as the emergency is over or it becomes practicable for contractors to obtain a qualified workforce.
(5) The requirements under subsection (1) of this section apply to each individual contractor's and subcontractor's on-site workforce.
(6) The requirements of this section do not make the work described in subsection (1) of this section a public work within the meaning of RCW 39.04.010.
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