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Compliance with chapterNoticeFinesInjunctive relief.

If a manufacturer, supplier, employer, or user refuses or fails to provide the department with any data sheets, workplace surveys, or other papers, documents, or information required by this chapter, the department may give written notice to the manufacturer, supplier, employer, or user demanding immediate compliance. If the manufacturer, supplier, employer, or user fails to begin to comply with the terms of the notice within fourteen days of receipt, the department may levy a fine of up to fifty dollars per affected employee per day, not to exceed five thousand dollars per day from the final date for compliance allowed by this section or by the department. In any case where the noncompliance continues for more than fifteen days or where the department determines the failure to comply creates a potential health or safety hazard to employees or hinders the department's performance of its duties under this chapter, the department may, in lieu of levying a fine or further fines, petition the superior court of Thurston county or the county where the manufacturer, supplier, employer, or user is located for an order enjoining the manufacturer, employer, supplier, or user from further noncompliance and granting any other remedies that may be appropriate. The court may award the department costs of litigation, including attorney's fees, if the department is the prevailing party.
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