Chapter 49.39 RCW



49.39.010Collective bargaining rights.
49.39.020Selection of bargaining representative.
49.39.023Application of RCW 41.56.037Bargaining representative access to new employees.
49.39.030Certification of exclusive bargaining representative.
49.39.040Election to ascertain exclusive bargaining representative.
49.39.050Exclusive bargaining representativeMust represent all symphony musiciansException.
49.39.070Failure to conclude collective bargaining agreement.
49.39.080Deduction of dues and fees from payment to symphony musicians.
49.39.090Collective bargaining agreementUnion security provisionsBinding arbitration.
49.39.100After termination date of collective bargaining agreement.
49.39.110Selection of arbitrators.
49.39.120Unfair labor practiceEmployer.
49.39.130Unfair labor practiceBargaining representative.
49.39.140Commission must prevent unfair labor practices.
49.39.150Actions by commission subject to chapter 34.05 RCW.
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