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Asbestos projectsQualified asbestos workers and supervisorPrenotification to departmentFire personnel.

(1) No person may assign any employee, contract with, or permit any individual or person to remove or encapsulate asbestos in any facility unless performed by a certified asbestos worker and under the direct, on-site supervision of a certified asbestos supervisor. In cases in which an employer conducts an asbestos abatement project in its own facility and by its own employees, supervision can be performed in the regular course of a certified asbestos supervisor's duties. Asbestos workers must have access to certified asbestos supervisors throughout the duration of the project.
(2) The department shall require persons undertaking asbestos projects to provide written notice to the department before the commencement of the project except as provided in RCW 49.26.125. The notice shall include a written description containing such information as the department requires by rule. The department may by rule allow a person to report multiple projects at one site in one report. The department shall by rule establish the procedure and criteria by which a person will be considered to have attempted to meet the prenotification requirement.
(3) The department shall consult with the Washington state association of fire chiefs and may establish any additional policies and procedures for municipal fire department and fire district personnel who clean up sites after fires which have rendered it likely that asbestos has been or will be disturbed or released into the air.


Effective date2010 1st sp.s. c 26; 2010 1st sp.s. c 7: See note following RCW 43.03.027.
PurposeSeverability1989 c 154: See notes following RCW 49.26.013.
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