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Safety and health standards.

(1) The director in the promulgation of rules under the authority of this chapter shall establish safety and health standards for conditions of employment of general and/or specific applicability for all industries, businesses, occupations, crafts, trades, and employments subject to the provisions of this chapter, or those that are a national or accepted federal standard. In adopting safety and health standards for conditions of employment, the director shall solicit and give due regard to all recommendations by any employer, employee, or labor representative of employees.
(2) Any safety and health standard adopted by rule of the director shall, where appropriate, prescribe the use of labels or other forms of warning to insure that employees are apprised of all hazards to which they may be exposed, relevant symptoms, and appropriate emergency treatment, and proper conditions and precautions of safe use or exposure. Where appropriate, such rules shall so prescribe suitable protective equipment and control or technological procedures to be used in connection with such hazards and shall provide for monitoring or measuring employee exposure at such locations and intervals, and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of employees. In addition, where appropriate, any such rule shall prescribe the type and frequency of medical examinations or other tests which shall be made available, by the employer or at his or her cost, to employees exposed to such hazards in order to most effectively determine whether the health of such employees is adversely affected by such exposure. In the event that such medical examinations are in the nature of research, as determined by the director, such examinations may be furnished at the expense of the department. The results of such examinations or tests shall be furnished only to the director, other appropriate agencies of government, and at the request of the employee to his or her physician.
(3) Whenever the director adopts by rule any safety and health standard he or she may at the same time provide by rule the effective date of such standard which shall not be less than thirty days, excepting emergency rules, but may be made effective at such time in excess of thirty days from the date of adoption as specified in any rule adopting a safety and health standard. Any rule not made effective thirty days after adoption, having a delayed effectiveness in excess of thirty days, may only be made upon a finding made by the director that such delayed effectiveness of the rule is reasonably necessary to afford the affected employers a reasonable opportunity to make changes in methods, means, or practices to meet the requirements of the adopted rule. Temporary orders granting a variance may be utilized by the director in lieu of the delayed effectiveness in the adoption of any rule.
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