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Appeal to superior courtReview or enforcement of orders.

(1) Any person aggrieved by an order of the board of industrial insurance appeals issued under *RCW 49.17.140(3) may obtain a review of such order in the superior court for the county in which the violation is alleged to have occurred, by filing in such court within thirty days following the communication of the board's order or denial of any petition or petitions for review, a written notice of appeal praying that the order be modified or set aside. Such appeal shall be perfected by filing with the clerk of the court and by serving a copy thereof by mail, or personally, on the director and on the board. The board shall thereupon transmit a copy of the notice of appeal to all parties who participated in proceedings before the board, and shall file in the court the complete record of the proceedings. Upon such filing the court shall have jurisdiction of the proceeding and of the question determined therein, and shall have power to grant such temporary relief or restraining order as it deems just and proper, and to make and enter upon the pleadings and the record of proceedings a decree affirming, modifying, or setting aside in all or in part, the decision of the board of industrial insurance appeals and enforcing the same to the extent that such order is affirmed or modified. The commencement of appellate proceedings under this subsection shall not, unless ordered by the court, operate as a stay of the order of the board of industrial insurance appeals. No objection that has not been urged before the board shall be considered by the court, unless the failure or neglect to urge such objection shall be excused because of extraordinary circumstances. The findings of the board or hearing examiner where the board has denied a petition or petitions for review with respect to questions of fact, if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole, shall be conclusive. If any party shall apply to the court for leave to adduce additional evidence and shall show to the satisfaction of the court that such additional evidence is material and that there were reasonable grounds for the failure to adduce such evidence in the hearing before the board, the court may order such additional evidence to be taken before the board and to be made a part of the record. The board may modify its findings as to the facts, or make new findings, by reason of additional evidence so taken and filed, and it shall file such modified or new findings, which findings with respect to questions of fact are supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole, shall be conclusive, and its recommendations, if any, for the modification or setting aside of its original order. Upon the filing of the record with it, the jurisdiction of the court shall be exclusive and the judgment and decree shall be final, except as the same shall be subject to review by the supreme court. Appeals filed under this subsection shall be heard expeditiously.
(2) The director may also obtain review or enforcement of any final order of the board by filing a petition for such relief in the superior court for the county in which the alleged violation occurred. The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall govern such proceeding to the extent applicable. If a notice of appeal, as provided in subsection (1) of this section, is not filed within thirty days after service of the board's order, the board's findings of fact, decision, and order or the examiner's findings of fact, decision, and order when a petition or petitions for review have been denied shall be conclusive in connection with any petition for enforcement which is filed by the director after the expiration of such thirty day period. In any such case, as well as in the case of an unappealed citation or a notification of the assessment of a penalty by the director, which has become a final order under subsection (1) or (2) of RCW 49.17.140 upon application of the director, the clerk of the court, unless otherwise ordered by the court, shall forthwith enter a decree enforcing the citation and notice of assessment of penalty and shall transmit a copy of such decree to the director and the employer named in the director's petition. In any contempt proceeding brought to enforce a decree of the superior court entered pursuant to this subsection or subsection (1) of this section the superior court may assess the penalties provided in RCW 49.17.180, in addition to invoking any other available remedies.


*Reviser's note: RCW 49.17.140 was amended by 2021 c 253 § 2, changing subsection (3) to subsection (4).
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