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(1) Unless specifically provided otherwise by statute, this chapter shall be implemented and enforced, including penalties, violations, citations, and other administrative procedures, pursuant to chapter 49.17 RCW.
(2) The first violation of this section is a penalty of $2,500.
(3) The second violation is a penalty of $3,000 and debarment from bidding for public works projects for one year.
(4) The third violation is a penalty of $5,000 and the contractor's permanent debarment from public works projects.
(5)(a) Violations must be published on the department's website, as determined under the department's rules.
(b) The penalties established in this section are a minimum which the department may exceed. After 2032, the department may adjust these penalties for inflation. Repeat, willful, and serious violations may result in increased penalties as determined by the department.
(6) The department must adopt rules to implement this chapter.
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