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Transportation opportunitiesReport.

The apprenticeship council shall work with the department of transportation, local transportation jurisdictions, local and statewide joint apprenticeships, other apprenticeship programs, representatives of labor and business organizations with interest and expertise in the transportation workforce, and representatives of the state's universities and community and vocational colleges to establish technical apprenticeship opportunities specific to the needs of transportation. The council shall issue a report of findings and recommendations to the transportation committees of the legislature by December 1, 2003. The report must include, but not be limited to, findings and recommendations regarding the establishment of transportation technical training programs within the community and vocational college system and in the state universities.


FindingsIntent2003 c 363 §§ 201 through 206: "(1) The legislature finds that a skilled technical workforce is necessary for maintaining, preserving, and improving Washington's transportation system. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation found that state and local transportation agencies are showing signs of a workforce that is insufficiently skilled to operate the transportation system at its highest level. Sections 201 through 206 of this act are intended to explore methods for fostering a stronger industry in transportation planning and engineering.
(2) It is the intent of the legislature that the state prevailing wage process operate efficiently, that the process allow contractors and workers to be paid promptly, and that new technologies and innovative outreach methods be used to enhance wage surveys in order to better reflect current wages in counties across the state.
(3) The legislature finds that in order to enhance the prevailing wage process it is appropriate for all intent and affidavit fees paid by contractors be dedicated to the sole purpose of administering the state prevailing wage program.
(4) To accomplish the intent of this section and in order to enhance the response of businesses and labor representatives to the prevailing wage survey process, the department of labor and industries shall undertake the following activities:
(a) Establish a goal of conducting surveys for each trade every three years;
(b) Actively promote increased response rates from all survey recipients in every county both urban and rural. The department shall provide public education and technical assistance to businesses, labor representatives, and public agencies in order to promote a better understanding of prevailing wage laws and increased participation in the prevailing wage survey process;
(c) Actively work with businesses, labor representatives, public agencies, and others to ensure the integrity of information used in the development of prevailing wage rates, and ensure uniform compliance with requirements of sections 201 through 206 of this act;
(d) Maintain a timely processing of intents and affidavits, with a target processing time no greater than seven working days from receipt of completed forms;
(e) Develop and implement electronic processing of intents and affidavits and promote the efficient and effective use of technology to improve the services provided by the prevailing wage program." [ 2003 c 363 § 201.]
Part headings not lawSeverability2003 c 363: See notes following RCW 47.28.241.
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