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Woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programsNoncompliance.

When it shall appear to the department of labor and industries that any apprenticeship program referred to in RCW 49.04.100 has failed to comply with the woman or racial minority representation requirement hereinabove in such section referred to by January 1, 1970, which fact shall be determined by reports the department may request or in such other manner as it shall see fit, then the same shall be deemed prima facie evidence of noncompliance with RCW 49.04.100 through 49.04.130 and thereafter no state funds or facilities shall be expended upon such program: PROVIDED, That prior to such withdrawal of funds evidence shall be received and state funds or facilities shall not be denied if there is a showing of a genuine effort to comply with the provisions of RCW 49.04.100 through 49.04.130 as to entrance of women and racial minorities into the program. The director shall notify the appropriate federal authorities if there is noncompliance with the woman and racial minority representation qualification under any apprenticeship program as provided for in RCW 49.04.100 through 49.04.130.
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