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Apprenticeship committeesCompositionDuties.

Upon July 22, 2001, all newly approved apprenticeship programs must be represented by either a unilateral or joint apprenticeship committee. Apprenticeship committees must conform to this chapter, the rules adopted under this chapter, and 29 C.F.R. Parts 29 and 30 and must be approved by the apprenticeship council. Such apprenticeship committees shall be composed of an equal number of employer and employee representatives who may be chosen:
(1) From names submitted by the respective local or state employer and employee organizations served by the apprenticeship committee; or
(2) In a manner which selects representatives of management and nonmanagement served by the apprenticeship committee. The council may act as the apprentice representative when the council determines there is no feasible method to choose nonmanagement representatives.
Apprenticeship committees shall devise standards for apprenticeship programs and operate such programs in accordance with the standards established by this chapter and by rules adopted under this chapter. The council and supervisor may provide aid and technical assistance to apprenticeship program sponsors and applicants, or potential applicants.
[ 2011 c 308 § 3; 2001 c 204 § 3; 1941 c 231 § 3; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 7614-5.]
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