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Dissolution of plan and association.

(1) If at any time the plan can no longer be operated on a sound financial basis, the association may elect to dissolve the plan, subject to explicit approval by the commissioner of a plan for dissolution. Once a plan operated by an association has been dissolved, that association may not again implement a plan pursuant to this chapter for five calendar years.
(2) At dissolution, the assets of the association represented by the contributing trust fund shall be deposited with the commissioner for a period of twenty-one years, to be made available for claims arising during that period based upon occurrences during the term of coverage. At the time of transfer of the funds, the association shall certify to the commissioner a list of all current subscribers, with their correct mailing addresses, and shall have notified all current subscribers of their obligation to keep the commissioner informed of any changes in their mailing addresses over the twenty-one year period, and that this obligation extends to their representatives, successors, assigns, and to the representatives of their estates. Upon dissolution, the association is required to provide to the commissioner a list of all plan subscribers during all of the years of operation of the plan.
At the end of the twenty-one year period, any funds remaining in the trust account must be distributed to those subscribers who were current subscribers in the most recent year of operation of the plan, with each current subscriber receiving an equal share of the distribution, without regard for the length of time each child day care center was a subscriber.
In the alternative, in the discretion of the association, the balance of the contributing trust fund may be used to purchase similar or more liberal coverage from a commercial insurer. Each subscriber shall, however, be given the option to deposit its share of the fund with the commissioner as provided in this section if it elects not to participate in the proposed commercial insurance.
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