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Required documents for prospective and approved applicantsContentsWhen due.

(1) An outline of coverage must be delivered to a prospective applicant for long-term care insurance at the time of initial solicitation through means that prominently direct the attention of the recipient to the document and its purpose.
(a) The commissioner must prescribe a standard format, including style, arrangement, overall appearance, and the content of an outline of coverage.
(b) When an insurance producer makes a solicitation in person, he or she must deliver an outline of coverage before presenting an application or enrollment form.
(c) In a direct response solicitation, the outline of coverage must be presented with an application or enrollment form.
(d) If a policy is issued to a group as defined in RCW 48.83.020(6)(a), an outline of coverage is not required to be delivered, if the information that the commissioner requires to be included in the outline of coverage is in other materials relating to enrollment. Upon request, any such materials must be made available to the commissioner.
(2) If an issuer approves an application for a long-term care insurance contract or certificate, the issuer must deliver the contract or certificate of insurance to the applicant within thirty days after the date of approval. A policy summary must be delivered with an individual life insurance policy that provides long-term care benefits within the policy or by rider. In a direct response solicitation, the issuer must deliver the policy summary, upon request, before delivery of the policy, if the applicant requests a summary.
(a) The policy summary shall include:
(i) An explanation of how the long-term care benefit interacts with other components of the policy, including deductions from any applicable death benefits;
(ii) An illustration of the amount of benefits, the length of benefits, and the guaranteed lifetime benefits if any, for each covered person;
(iii) Any exclusions, reductions, and limitations on benefits of long-term care;
(iv) A statement that any long-term care inflation protection option required by RCW 48.83.110 is not available under this policy; and
(v) If applicable to the policy type, the summary must also include:
(A) A disclosure of the effects of exercising other rights under the policy;
(B) A disclosure of guarantees related to long-term care costs of insurance charges; and
(C) Current and projected maximum lifetime benefits.
(b) The provisions of the policy summary may be incorporated into a basic illustration required under chapter 48.23A RCW, or into the policy summary which is required under rules adopted by the commissioner.
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