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Submission of mandated health benefit proposalReviewBenefit must be authorized by law.

Mandated health benefits shall be established as follows:
(1) Every person who, or organization that, seeks to establish a mandated benefit shall, at least ninety days prior to a regular legislative session, submit a mandated benefit proposal to the appropriate committees of the legislature, assessing the social impact, financial impact, and evidence of health care service efficacy of the benefit in strict adherence to the criteria enumerated in RCW 48.47.030.
(2) The chair of a committee may request that the department examine the proposal using the criteria set forth in RCW 48.47.030, however, such request must be made no later than nine months prior to a subsequent regular legislative session.
(3) To the extent that funds are appropriated for this purpose, the department shall report to the appropriate committees of the legislature on the appropriateness of adoption no later than thirty days prior to the legislative session during which the proposal is to be considered.
(4) Mandated benefits must be authorized by law.


Effective dateSeverability1989 1st ex.s. c 9: See RCW 43.70.910 and 43.70.920.
Severability1987 c 150: See RCW 18.122.901.
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