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Personal coverage, authority of commissionerDefinition.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and except as provided in this chapter, any person or other entity which provides coverage in this state for life insurance, annuities, loss of time, medical, surgical, chiropractic, physical therapy, speech pathology, audiology, professional mental health, dental, hospital, or optometric expenses, whether the coverage is by direct payment, reimbursement, the providing of services, or otherwise, shall be subject to the authority of the state insurance commissioner, unless the person or other entity shows that while providing the services it is subject to the jurisdiction and regulation of another agency of this state, any subdivisions thereof, or the federal government.
(2) "Another agency of this state, any subdivision thereof, or the federal government" does not include the Washington health benefit exchange under chapter 43.71 RCW or P.L. 111-148 of 2010, as amended.


Spiritual care services2012 c 87: See RCW 43.71.901.
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