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Pool administratorSelection, term, duties, pay.

The board shall select an administrator through a competitive bidding process to administer the pool.
(1) The board shall evaluate bids based upon criteria established by the board, which shall include:
(a) The administrator's proven ability to handle health coverage;
(b) The efficiency of the administrator's claim-paying procedures;
(c) An estimate of the total charges for administering the plan; and
(d) The administrator's ability to administer the pool in a cost-effective manner.
(2) The administrator shall serve for a period of three years subject to removal for cause. At least six months prior to the expiration of each three-year period of service by the administrator, the board shall invite all interested parties, including the current administrator, to submit bids to serve as the administrator for the succeeding three-year period. Selection of the administrator for this succeeding period shall be made at least three months prior to the end of the current three-year period, unless at the time required for submission of bids pursuant to this subsection to the pool will be discontinued before the end of the succeeding thirty-six month period.
(3) The administrator shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the board including:
(a) Administering eligibility and administrative claim payment functions relating to the pool;
(b) Establishing a premium billing procedure for collection of premiums from covered persons. Billings shall be made on a periodic basis as determined by the board, which shall not be more frequent than a monthly billing;
(c) Performing all necessary functions to assure timely payment of benefits to covered persons under the pool including:
(i) Making available information relating to the proper manner of submitting a claim for benefits to the pool, and distributing forms upon which submission shall be made;
(ii) Taking steps necessary to offer and administer managed care benefit plans; and
(iii) Evaluating the eligibility of each claim for payment by the pool;
(d) Submission of regular reports to the board regarding the operation of the pool. The frequency, content, and form of the report shall be as determined by the board;
(e) Following the close of each accounting year, determination of net paid and earned premiums, the expense of administration, and the paid and incurred losses for the year and reporting this information to the board and the commissioner on a form as prescribed by the commissioner.
(4) The administrator shall be paid as provided in the contract between the board and the administrator for its expenses incurred in the performance of its services.


Effective dateSeverability2000 c 79: See notes following RCW 48.04.010.
Short titlePart headings and captions not lawSeverabilityEffective dates1997 c 231: See notes following RCW 48.43.005.
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