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Separate reserve fundTreatment of assetsMinimum amountsPurchase of single premium life annuity.

(1) Upon granting to such insurer or institution under RCW 48.38.010 a certificate of exemption to conduct a charitable gift annuity business, the insurance commissioner shall require it to establish and maintain a separate reserve fund adequate to meet the future payments under its charitable gift annuity contracts.
(2) The assets of the separate reserve fund:
(a) Shall be held legally and physically segregated from the other assets of the certificate of exemption holder;
(b) Shall be invested in the same manner that persons of reasonable prudence, discretion, and intelligence exercise in the management of a like enterprise, not in regard to speculating but in regard to the permanent disposition of their funds, considering the probable income as well as the probable safety of their capital. Investments shall be of sufficient value, liquidity, and diversity to assure the insurer or institution's ability to meet its outstanding obligations; and
(c) Shall not be liable for any debts of the insurer or institution holding a certificate of exemption under this chapter, other than those incurred pursuant to the issuance of charitable gift annuities.
(3) The amount of the separate reserve fund shall be:
(a) For contracts issued prior to July 1, 1998, not less than an amount computed in accordance with the standard of valuation based on the 1971 individual annuity mortality table with six percent interest for single premium immediate annuity contracts and four percent interest for all other individual annuity contracts;
(b) For contracts issued on or after July 1, 1998, in an amount not less than the aggregate reserves calculated according to the standards set forth in RCW 48.74.030 for other annuities with no cash settlement options;
(c) Plus a surplus of ten percent of the combined amounts under (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(4) The general assets of the insurer or institution holding a certificate of exemption under this chapter shall be liable for the payment of annuities to the extent that the separate reserve fund is inadequate.
(5) If an institution holding a certificate of exemption under RCW 48.38.010 has purchased a single premium life annuity that pays the entire amount stipulated in the gift annuity agreement or agreements from an insurer (a) holding a certificate of authority under chapter 48.05 RCW, (b) licensed in the state in which the institution has its principle office, and (c) licensed in the state in which the single premium life annuity is issued, then in determining the minimum reserve fund that must be maintained under this section, a deduction shall be allowed from the minimum reserve fund in an amount not exceeding the reserve fund amount required for the annuity or annuities for which the single premium life annuity is purchased, subject to the following conditions:
(i) The institution has filed with the commissioner a copy of the single premium life annuity purchased and specifying which charitable gift annuity or annuities are being insured; and
(ii) The institution has entered into a written agreement with the annuitant and the insurer issuing the single premium life annuity providing that if for any reason the institution is unable to continue making the annuity payments required by its annuity agreements, the annuitants shall receive payments directly from the insurer and the insurer shall be credited with all of these direct payments in the accounts between the insurer and the institution.


Severability1979 c 130: See note following RCW 28B.10.485.
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