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Protocols for market conduct actionsRulesReport to the legislature.

(1) Market conduct actions shall be taken as a result of market analysis and shall focus on the general business practices and compliance activities of insurers, rather than identifying obviously infrequent or unintentional random errors that do not cause significant consumer harm.
(2)(a) The commissioner is authorized to determine the frequency and timing of such market conduct actions. The timing shall depend upon the specific market conduct action to be initiated, unless extraordinary circumstances indicating a risk to consumers require immediate action.
(b) If the commissioner has information that more than one insurer is engaged in common practices that may violate statutes or rules, the commissioner may schedule and coordinate multiple examinations simultaneously.
(3) The insurer shall be given reasonable opportunity to resolve matters that arise as a result of a market analysis to the satisfaction of the commissioner before any additional market conduct actions are taken against the insurer.
(4) The commissioner shall adopt by rule, under chapter 34.05 RCW, procedures and documents that are substantially similar to the NAIC work products defined or referenced in this chapter. Market analysis, market conduct actions, and market conduct examinations shall be performed in accordance with the rule.
(5) At the beginning of the next legislative session after the adoption of the rules adopted under the authority of this section, the commissioner shall report to the appropriate policy committees of the legislature what rules were adopted; what statutory policies these rules were intended to implement; and such other matters as are indicated for the legislature's understanding of the role played by the NAIC in regulation of the insurance industry of Washington.
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