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Sponsoring events or making contributionsDefinitions.

(1) An insurance producer may sponsor events for, or make contributions to a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization, if the sponsorship or contribution is not conditioned upon the organization applying for or obtaining insurance through the insurance producer.
(2) For purposes of this section, a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization is:
(a) Any nonprofit corporation duly existing under the provisions of chapter 24.03A RCW for charitable, benevolent, eleemosynary, educational, civic, patriotic, political, social, fraternal, cultural, athletic, scientific, agricultural, or horticultural purposes;
(b) Any professional, commercial, industrial, or trade association;
(c) Any organization duly existing under the provisions of chapter 24.12, 24.20, or 24.28 RCW;
(d) Any agricultural fair authorized under the provisions of chapter 15.76 or 36.37 RCW; or
(e) Any nonprofit organization, whether incorporated or otherwise, when determined by the commissioner to be organized and operated for one or more of the purposes described in (a) through (d) of this subsection.
(3) RCW 48.30.140 and 48.30.150 do not apply to sponsorships or charitable contributions that are provided or given in compliance with subsection (1) of this section.


Effective date2021 c 176: See note following RCW 24.03A.005.
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