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Return on ownership interestCertain payments authorized.

(1) RCW 48.29.210, 18.85.053, 18.44.305, or 19.146.103 does not make unlawful the payment by a title insurer or title insurance agent and the receipt by a producer of title insurance business of a return on ownership interest in the title insurer or title insurance agent.
(2) A return on ownership interest may include:
(a) Bona fide dividends, and capital or equity distributions, related to ownership interest or franchise relationship, between entities in an affiliated relationship; and
(b) Bona fide business loans, advances, and capital or equity contributions between entities in an affiliate relationship (in any direction), so long as they are for ordinary business purposes and are not fees for the referral of settlement service business or unearned fees.
(3) A return on ownership interest does not include:
(a) Any payment which has a basis of calculation of no apparent business motive other than distinguishing among recipients of payments on the basis of the amount of their actual, estimated, or anticipated referrals;
(b) Any payment which varies according to the relative amount of referrals by the different recipients of similar payments; or
(c) A payment based on an ownership, partnership, or joint venture share which has been adjusted on the basis of previous relative referrals by recipients of similar payments.
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