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Administration of chapter—Rules.

The commissioner may adopt rules to implement and administer this chapter, including but not limited to:
(1) Establishing the information to be included in the report required under RCW 48.29.015;
(2) Establishing the information required for the filing of rates for title insurance under RCW 48.29.147;
(3) Establishing standards which title insurance rate filings must satisfy under RCW 48.29.147;
(4) Establishing a date, which date shall not be earlier than January 1, 2010, by which all title insurers selling policies in this state must file their rates with the commissioner under RCW 48.29.143 and 48.29.147 rather than under RCW 48.29.140 and refile any rates that were in effect prior to the date established by the commissioner;
(5) Defining what things of value a title insurance insurer or title insurance agent is permitted to give to any person in a position to refer or influence the referral of title insurance business under RCW 48.29.210(2). In adopting rules under this subsection, the commissioner shall work with representatives of the title insurance and real estate industries and consumer groups in developing the rules;
(6) Establishing the fee for a license as a rating organization under RCW 48.29.410;
(7) Establishing license requirements that an applicant for a license as a rating organization and a licensee must comply with; and
(8) Requiring a rating organization to periodically update the title insurance rates, manuals of rules and rates, rating plans, rate schedules, minimum rates, class rates, or rating rules, filed by the rating organization on behalf of its members or subscribers.
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