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Nonresident license requestConditions for approvalService of legal process.

(1) Unless denied licensure under RCW 48.17.530, a nonresident person must receive a nonresident producer license for the line or lines of authority under RCW 48.17.170 which is substantially equivalent to the line or lines of authority granted to the nonresident person in the person's home state if:
(a) The person is currently licensed as a resident and in good standing in the person's home state;
(b) The person has submitted the proper request for licensure and has paid the fees required by RCW 48.14.010;
(c) The person has submitted or transmitted to the commissioner a completed uniform application;
(d) The person's home state awards nonresident producer licenses to residents of this state on the same basis; and
(e) A business entity, it has designated an individual licensed insurance producer responsible for the business entity's compliance with the insurance laws and rules of this state.
(2) An individual, as part of the request for licensure, must furnish information concerning the individual's identity for submission to the Washington state patrol, the federal bureau of investigation, and any governmental agency or entity authorized to receive this information for a state and national criminal history background check. If, in the process of verifying business records or other information, the commissioner's office incurs fees or charges from another governmental agency or from a business firm, the amount of the fees or charges must be paid to the commissioner's office by the applicant.
(3) A nonresident business entity acting as a title insurance agent is required to obtain a title insurance agent license. Application must be made to the commissioner on the uniform business entity application, and the individual submitting the application must declare under penalty of refusal, suspension, or revocation of the license that the statements made in the application are true, correct, and complete to the best of the individual's knowledge and belief. Before approving the application, the commissioner must find that the business entity:
(a) Has paid the fees set forth in RCW 48.14.010;
(b) Maintains a lawfully established place of business in its home state and holds a corresponding license issued by the state of its principal place of business, and has complied with the laws of this state governing the admission of foreign corporations;
(c) Is empowered to be a title agent under a members' agreement, if a limited liability company, or by its articles of incorporation;
(d) Is appointed as an agent by one or more authorized title insurance companies;
(e) Has complied with RCW 48.29.155 and 48.29.160; and
(f) Has designated an individual officer of the title insurance agent to be responsible for the business entity's compliance with the insurance laws and rules of this state.
(4) If the nonresident insurance producer applicant (a) has a valid license from the applicant's home state and (b) the applicant's home state awards nonresident insurance producer licenses to residents of this state on the same basis, the commissioner must waive any license application requirements, except those imposed under this section.
(5) A nonresident insurance producer's satisfaction of the nonresident insurance producer's home state's continuing education requirements for licensed insurance producers constitutes satisfaction of this state's continuing education requirements if the nonresident producer's home state recognizes the satisfaction of its continuing education requirements imposed upon producers from this state on the same basis.
(6) The commissioner may verify the nonresident insurance producer's licensing status through the producer database maintained by the NAIC, its affiliates, or subsidiaries.
(7) A nonresident insurance producer who moves from one state to another state or a resident producer who moves from this state to another state must file a change of address and provide certification from the new resident state within thirty days of the change of legal residence. No fee or license application is required.
(8) A person licensed as a limited line credit insurance or other type of limited lines insurance producer in the person's home state and who complies with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section must receive a nonresident limited lines insurance producer license, under subsection (1) of this section, granting the same scope of authority as granted under the license issued by the insurance producer's home state. For the purpose of this subsection, "limited lines insurance" is any authority granted by the home state which restricts the authority of the license to the lines set out in RCW 48.17.170(1) (g) or (h).
(9) Each licensed nonresident insurance producer or title insurance agent, by application for and issuance of a license, is deemed to have appointed the commissioner as the insurance producer's or title insurance agent's attorney to receive service of legal process issued against the insurance producer or title insurance agent in this state upon causes of action arising within this state. Service upon the commissioner as attorney constitutes effective legal service upon the insurance producer or title insurance agent.
(a) The appointment of the commissioner as attorney is irrevocable, binds any successor in interest or to the assets or liabilities of the insurance producer or title insurance agent, and remains in effect for as long as there could be any cause of action against the insurance producer or title insurance agent arising out of the insurance producer's or title insurance agent's insurance transactions in this state.
(b) Service of legal process must be accomplished and processed in the manner prescribed in RCW 48.02.200.
(10) The commissioner may require any documents reasonably necessary to verify the information contained in an application and may, from time to time, require any licensed insurance producer or title insurance agent to produce the information called for in an application for license.


Effective date2010 c 18: See note following RCW 48.15.070.
Effective date2009 c 162: See note following RCW 48.03.020.
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