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Examination of applicantsExemptionsRules.

(1) A resident individual applying for an insurance producer license or an individual applying for an adjuster, including crop adjuster, license shall pass a written examination unless exempt under this section or RCW 48.17.175. The examination shall test the knowledge of the individual concerning the lines of authority for which application is made, the duties and responsibilities of an insurance producer or adjuster, and the insurance laws and rules of this state. Examinations required by this section shall be developed and conducted under the rules prescribed by the commissioner.
(2) The following are exempt from the examination requirement:
(a) Applicants for licenses under RCW 48.17.170(1) (g), (h), and (i), at the discretion of the commissioner;
(b) With the exception of crop adjusters, applicants for an adjuster's license who for a period of one year, a portion of which was in the year next preceding the date of application, have been a full-time salaried employee of an insurer or of a managing general agent to adjust, investigate, or report claims arising under insurance contracts;
(c) With the exception of crop adjusters, applicants for a license as a nonresident adjuster who are duly licensed in another state and who are deemed by the commissioner to be fully qualified and competent for a similar license in this state; and
(d) Applicants for a license as a nonresident crop adjuster, who must:
(i) Be duly licensed as a crop adjuster, or hold a valid substantially similar license in another state; and
(ii) Have completed prelicensing education and passed an examination substantially similar to the prelicensing education and examination required for licensure as a resident crop adjuster in this state; or
(iii) If their state of residence does not license crop adjusters, complete prelicensing education and pass an examination that are substantially similar to the prelicensing education and examination required to be licensed as a resident crop adjuster in this state.
(3) The commissioner may make arrangements, including contracting with an outside testing service, for administering examinations.
(4) The commissioner may, at any time, require any licensed insurance producer, adjuster[,] or crop adjuster to take and successfully pass an examination testing the licensee's competence and qualifications as a condition to the continuance or renewal of a license, if the licensee has been guilty of violating this title, or has so conducted affairs under an insurance license as to cause the commissioner to reasonably desire further evidence of the licensee's qualifications.
(5) The commissioner may by rule establish requirements for crop adjusters to:
(a) Successfully complete prelicensing education;
(b) Pass a written examination to obtain a license; and
(c) Renew their license.


Effective date2010 c 67: See note following RCW 48.14.010.
Effective date2009 c 162: See note following RCW 48.03.020.
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