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Statistical summaries.

The commissioner must prepare aggregate statistical summaries of closed claims based on data submitted under RCW 48.140.020.
(1) At a minimum, the commissioner must summarize data by calendar year and calendar/incident year. The commissioner may also decide to display data in other ways if the commissioner:
(a) Protects information as required under RCW 48.140.060(2); and
(b) Exempts from disclosure data described in *RCW 42.56.400(11).
(2) The summaries must be available by April 30th of each year, unless the commissioner notifies legislative committees by March 15th that data are not available and informs the committees when the summaries will be completed.
(3) Information included in an individual closed claim report submitted by an insuring entity, self-insurer, provider, or facility under this chapter is confidential and exempt from public disclosure, and the commissioner must not make these data available to the public.


*Reviser's note: RCW 42.56.400 was amended by 2007 c 197 § 7, changing subsection (11) to subsection (10).
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