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Effect of compactOther state lawsBinding on compacting states, when.

(1)(a) The compact does not prevent the enforcement of any other law of a compacting state, except as provided in (b) of this subsection.
(b) For any product approved or certified to the commission, the rules, uniform standards, and any other requirements of the commission shall constitute the exclusive provisions applicable to the content, approval, and certification of such products. For advertisement that is subject to the commission's authority, any rule, uniform standard, or other requirement of the commission which governs the content of the advertisement shall constitute the exclusive provision that a commissioner may apply to the content of the advertisement. However, no action taken by the commission shall abrogate or restrict: (i) The access of any person to state courts; (ii) remedies available under state law related to breach of contract, tort, or other laws not specifically directed to the content of the product; (iii) state law relating to the construction of insurance contracts; or (iv) the authority of the attorney general of the state, including but not limited to maintaining any actions or proceedings, as authorized by law.
(c) All insurance products filed with individual states shall be subject to the laws of those states.
(2)(a) All lawful actions of the commission, including all rules and operating procedures adopted by the commission, are binding upon the compacting states.
(b) All agreements between the commission and the compacting states are binding in accordance with their terms.
(c) Upon the request of a party to a conflict over the meaning or interpretation of commission actions, and upon a majority vote of the compacting states, the commission may issue advisory opinions regarding the meaning or interpretation in dispute.
(d) In the event any provision of the compact exceeds the constitutional limits imposed on the legislature of any compacting state, the obligations, duties, powers, or jurisdiction sought to be conferred by that provision upon the commission shall be ineffective as to that compacting state, and those obligations, duties, powers, or jurisdiction shall remain in the compacting state and shall be exercised by the agency thereof to which those obligations, duties, powers, or jurisdiction are delegated by law in effect at the time the compact becomes effective.
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