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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Bona fide association" means an association of employers that has been in existence for a period of not less than ten years prior to sponsoring a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement, during which time the association has engaged in substantial activities relating to the common interests of member employers, and that continues to engage in substantial activities in addition to sponsoring an arrangement. However, an association that was formed and began sponsoring an arrangement prior to October 1, 1995, is not subject to the requirement that the association be in existence for ten years prior to sponsoring an arrangement.
(2) "Employer" means any person, firm, corporation, partnership, business trust, legal representative, or other business entity which engages in any business, industry, profession, or activity in this state and employs one or more other persons or who contracts with one or more persons, the essence of which is the personal labor of that person or persons.
(3) "Health care service" means that service offered or provided by health care facilities and health care providers relating to the prevention, cure, or treatment of illness, injury, or disease.
(4) "Incurred claims" means the value of all amounts paid or payable under a multiple employer welfare arrangement determined by contract to be a liability with an incurred claims date during the valuation period. It includes all payments during the valuation period plus a reasonable estimate of unpaid claims liabilities.
(5) "Multiple employer welfare arrangement" means a multiple employer welfare arrangement as defined by 29 U.S.C. Sec. 1002, but does not include an arrangement, plan, program, or interlocal agreement of or between any political subdivisions of this state, any federal agencies, or any contractors or subcontractors with federal agencies at a federal government facility within this state.
(6) "Qualified actuary" means an individual who:
(a) Is a member in good standing of the American academy of actuaries; and
(b) Is qualified to sign statements of actuarial opinion for health annual statements in accordance with the American academy of actuaries qualification standards for actuaries signing the statements.
(7) "Self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement" or "arrangement" means a multiple employer welfare arrangement that does not provide for payment of benefits under the arrangement solely through a policy or policies of insurance issued by one or more insurance companies licensed under this title.
(8) "Surplus" means the excess of the assets of a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement over the liabilities of the arrangement. The assets and liabilities should be determined in accordance with the accounting practices and procedures manuals as adopted by the national association of insurance commissioners, unless otherwise provided by law.
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