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Reinsurance ceded by domestic insurer to assuming insurer not meeting requirementsWhen asset or reduction from liability allowed.

An asset or a reduction from liability for the reinsurance ceded by a domestic insurer to an assuming insurer not meeting the requirements of RCW 48.12.405 through 48.12.455 must be allowed in an amount not exceeding the liabilities carried by the ceding insurer. The reduction must be in the amount of funds held by or on behalf of the ceding insurer, including funds held in trust for the ceding insurer, under a reinsurance contract with the assuming insurer as security for the payment of obligations thereunder, if the security is held in the United States subject to withdrawal solely by, and under the exclusive control of, the ceding insurer; or, in the case of a trust, held in a qualified United States financial institution, as defined in RCW 48.12.465(2). This security may be in the form of:
(1) Cash;
(2) Securities listed by the securities valuation office of the national association of insurance commissioners, including those deemed exempt from filing as defined by the purposes and procedures manual of the securities valuation office, and qualifying as admitted assets;
(3)(a) Clean, irrevocable, unconditional letters of credit, issued or confirmed by a qualified United States financial institution, as defined in RCW 48.12.465(1), effective no later than December 31st of the year for which the filing is being made, and in the possession of, or in trust for, the ceding insurer on or before the filing date of its annual statement;
(b) Letters of credit meeting applicable standards of issuer acceptability as of the dates of their issuance (or confirmation) must, notwithstanding the issuing (or confirming) institution's subsequent failure to meet applicable standards of issuer acceptability, continue to be acceptable as security until their expiration, extension, renewal, modification, or amendment, whichever first occurs; or
(4) Any other form of security acceptable to the commissioner.
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