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Assuming insurer does not meet certain requirementsTrust agreementsNecessary conditions.

If the assuming insurer does not meet the requirements of RCW 48.12.410, 48.12.415, or 48.12.420, the credit permitted by RCW 48.12.425, 48.12.462, or 48.12.430 must not be allowed unless the assuming insurer agrees in the trust agreements to the following conditions:
(1) Notwithstanding any other provisions in the trust instrument, if the trust fund is inadequate because it contains an amount less than the amount required by RCW 48.12.425(3), or if the grantor of the trust has been declared insolvent or placed into receivership, rehabilitation, liquidation, or similar proceedings under the laws of its state or country of domicile, the trustee must comply with an order of the commissioner with regulatory oversight over the trust or with an order of a court of competent jurisdiction directing the trustee to transfer to the commissioner with regulatory oversight all of the assets of the trust fund.
(2) The assets must be distributed by and claims must be filed with and valued by the commissioner with regulatory oversight in accordance with the laws of the state in which the trust is domiciled that are applicable to the liquidation of domestic insurance companies.
(3) If the commissioner with regulatory oversight determines that the assets of the trust fund or any part thereof are not necessary to satisfy the claims of the United States ceding insurers of the grantor of the trust, the assets or part thereof must be returned by the commissioner with regulatory oversight to the trustee for distribution in accordance with the trust agreement.
(4) The grantor must waive any right otherwise available to it under United States law that is inconsistent with this provision.
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