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Reporting requirements and record retention.

(1) Each provider shall file with the commissioner on or before March 1 of each year an annual statement containing such information as the commissioner may prescribe by rule. In addition to any other requirements, for any policy settled within five years of policy issuance, the annual statement shall specify the total number, aggregate face amount, and life settlement proceeds of policies settled during the immediately preceding calendar year, together with a breakdown of the information by policy issue year.
(2) Every provider that fails to file an annual statement as required in this section, or fails to reply within thirty calendar days to a written inquiry by the commissioner in connection therewith, shall, in addition to other penalties provided by this chapter, be subject, upon due notice and opportunity to be heard, to a penalty of up to fifty dollars per day of delay, not to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars in the aggregate, for each such failure.
(3) Records of all consummated transactions and life settlement contracts shall be maintained by the provider for three years after the death of the insured and shall be available to the commissioner for inspection during reasonable business hours.
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