Chapter 48.09 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.09.010Initial qualifications.
HTMLPDF 48.09.090Additional kinds of insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.09.100Minimum surplus.
HTMLPDF 48.09.110Membership.
HTMLPDF 48.09.120Rights of members.
HTMLPDF 48.09.130Bylaws.
HTMLPDF 48.09.140Notice of annual meeting.
HTMLPDF 48.09.150VotingProxies.
HTMLPDF 48.09.160DirectorsDisqualification.
HTMLPDF 48.09.180Limitation of expenses as to property and casualty insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.09.190Procedure upon violation of limitation.
HTMLPDF 48.09.210Limitation of action on officer's salary.
HTMLPDF 48.09.220Contingent liability of members.
HTMLPDF 48.09.230Assessment of members.
HTMLPDF 48.09.235Issuing a capital callNoticeInsurer's dutiesRules.
HTMLPDF 48.09.240Contingent liability of members of assessment insurer.
HTMLPDF 48.09.250Contingent liability as asset.
HTMLPDF 48.09.260Liability as lien on policy reserves.
HTMLPDF 48.09.270Nonassessable policies.
HTMLPDF 48.09.280Qualification on issuance of nonassessable policies.
HTMLPDF 48.09.290Revocation of right to issue nonassessable policies.
HTMLPDF 48.09.300Dividends.
HTMLPDF 48.09.310Nonparticipating policies.
HTMLPDF 48.09.320Borrowed capital.
HTMLPDF 48.09.330Repayment of borrowed capital.
HTMLPDF 48.09.340Impairment of surplus.
HTMLPDF 48.09.350Reorganization of mutual as stock insurerReinsuranceApproval.
HTMLPDF 48.09.360Distribution of assets and ownership equities upon liquidation.
HTMLPDF 48.09.400Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.09.410ConversionPlanApprovalWithdrawalConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 48.09.420ConversionPlan requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.09.430Plan reviewExpertsHearing.
HTMLPDF 48.09.440Mutual holding companiesAs insurerInterpretationDissolutionMembershipArticles of incorporation.
HTMLPDF 48.09.450Concurrent reorganization.
HTMLPDF 48.09.460Foreign mutual insurersReorganization.


Dividends not to be guaranteed: RCW 48.30.100.
Merger or consolidation: RCW 48.31.010.
Organization of domestic insurers: Chapter 48.06 RCW.
Policy dividends are payable to real party in interest: RCW 48.18.340.