Chapter 48.07 RCW



48.07.010Application of code to existing insurers.
48.07.020Principal office.
48.07.030Application of general corporation laws.
48.07.040Annual, special meetings.
48.07.060Corrupt practicesPenalty.
48.07.070Amendment of articles of incorporation.
48.07.080Guarantee of officers' obligations prohibited.
48.07.100Vouchers for expenditures.
48.07.130Pecuniary interest of officer or director, restrictions upon.
48.07.140Compliance with foreign laws.
48.07.150Solicitations in other states.
48.07.160Continuing operation in event of emergencyDeclaration of purpose"Insurer" defined.
48.07.170Continuing operation in event of emergencyEmergency bylaws.
48.07.180Continuing operation in event of emergencyDirectors.
48.07.190Continuing operation in event of emergencyOfficers.
48.07.200Continuing operation in event of emergencyPrincipal office and place of business.
48.07.203Continuing operation in event of emergencyWritten plan required.
48.07.205Continuing operation in event of emergencyPlanning standardsRules.
48.07.210Conversion to domestic insurer.


Business corporations: Title 23B RCW.
Dissolution and winding up business corporation: Chapter 23B.14 RCW.
Interlocking ownership, management: RCW 48.30.250.
Merger or consolidation: RCW 48.31.010.
Organization of domestic insurers: Chapter 48.06 RCW.