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Incorporation, articles ofContents.

(1) This section applies to insurers incorporated in this state, but no insurer heretofore lawfully incorporated in this state is required to reincorporate or change its articles of incorporation by reason of any provisions of this section.
(2) The incorporators shall be individuals who are United States citizens, of whom two-thirds shall be residents of this state. The number of incorporators shall be not less than five if a stock insurer, nor less than ten if a mutual insurer.
(3) The incorporators shall execute articles of incorporation in duplicate, acknowledge their signatures thereunto before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds, and file both copies with the commissioner.
(4) After approval of the articles by the commissioner, one copy shall be filed in the office of the commissioner and the other copy shall be returned to the insurer.
(5) The articles of incorporation shall state:
First: The names and addresses of the incorporators.
Second: The name of the insurer. If a mutual insurer the name shall include the word "mutual."
Third: (a) The objects for which the insurer is formed;
(b) whether it is a stock or mutual insurer, and if a mutual property insurer only, whether it will insure on the cash premium or assessment plan;
(c) the kinds of insurance it will issue, according to the designations made in this code.
Fourth: If a stock insurer, the amount of its capital, the aggregate number of shares, and the par value of each share, which par value shall be not less than ten dollars, except that after the corporation has transacted business as an authorized insurer in the state for five years or more, its articles of incorporation may be amended, at the option of its stockholders, to provide for a par value of not less than one dollar per share. If a mutual insurer, the maximum contingent liability of its policyholders for the payment of its expenses and losses occurring under its policies.
Fifth: The duration of its existence, which may be perpetual.
Sixth: The names and addresses of the directors, not less than five in number, who shall constitute the board of directors of the insurer for the initial term, not less than two nor more than six months, as designated in the articles of incorporation.
Seventh: The name of the city or town of this state in which the insurer's principal place of business is to be located.
Eighth: Other provisions not inconsistent with law as may be deemed proper by the incorporators.
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Severability1981 c 302: See note following RCW 19.76.100.
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