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Examination expense.

(1) Examinations within this state of any insurer or self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement as defined in RCW 48.125.010 domiciled or having its home offices in this state, other than a title insurer, made by the commissioner or the commissioner's examiners and employees must, except as to fees, mileage, and expense incurred as to witnesses, be at the expense of the state.
(2) Every other examination, whatsoever, or any part of the examination of any person domiciled or having its home offices in this state requiring travel and services outside this state, must be made by the commissioner or by examiners designated by the commissioner and must be at the expense of the person examined; but a domestic insurer must not be liable for the compensation of examiners employed by the commissioner for such services outside this state.
(3) When making an examination under this chapter, the commissioner may retain attorneys, appraisers, independent actuaries, independent certified public accountants, or other professionals and specialists as examiners, the cost of which must be borne by the person who is the subject of the examination, except as provided in subsection (1) of this section.
(4) The person examined and liable must reimburse the state upon presentation of an itemized statement for the actual travel expenses of the commissioner's examiners, their reasonable living expense allowance, and their per diem compensation, including salary and the employer's cost of employee benefits, at a reasonable rate approved by the commissioner, incurred on account of the examination. Per diem salary and expenses for employees examining insurers domiciled outside the state of Washington must be established by the commissioner on the basis of the national association of insurance commissioner's recommended salary and expense schedule for zone examiners, or the salary schedule established by the state director of personnel, and the expense schedule established by the office of financial management, whichever is higher. A domestic title insurer must pay the examination expense and costs to the commissioner as itemized and billed by the commissioner.
The commissioner or the commissioner's examiners must not receive or accept any additional emolument on account of any examination.
(5) Nothing contained in this chapter limits the commissioner's authority to terminate or suspend any examination in order to pursue other legal or regulatory action under the insurance laws of this state. Findings of fact and conclusions made pursuant to any examination are prima facie evidence in any legal or regulatory action.
(6) The expense of the examination of any statistical reporting agent designated by the commissioner under RCW 48.29.017 must be borne by and apportioned among all authorized title insurance companies and licensed title insurance agents in this state.


Effective date2004 c 260: See RCW 48.125.901.
Intent1995 c 152: "The only intent of the legislature in chapter 152, Laws of 1995 is to correct double amendments. It is not the intent of the legislature to change the substance or effect of any statute previously enacted." [ 1995 c 152 § 1.]
SeverabilityImplementation1993 c 462: See RCW 48.31B.901 and 48.31B.902.
Effective date1993 c 281: See note following RCW 41.06.022.
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