Chapter 48.01 RCW



48.01.010Short title.
48.01.020Scope of code.
48.01.030Public interest.
48.01.035"Developmental disability" defined.
48.01.040"Insurance" defined.
48.01.050"Insurer" defined.
48.01.053"Issuer" defined.
48.01.060"Insurance transaction" defined.
48.01.070"Person" defined.
48.01.100Existing officers.
48.01.110Existing licenses.
48.01.120Existing insurance forms.
48.01.130Existing actions, violations.
48.01.150Particular provisions prevail.
48.01.160Repealed acts not revived.
48.01.170Effective date1947 c 79.
48.01.180Adopted childrenInsurance coverage.
48.01.190Immunity from civil liability.
48.01.220Behavioral health administrative services organizationsExemption.
48.01.230Eligibility for coverage or making payments may not be contingent on eligibility for medical assistance.
48.01.235Enrollment of a child under the health plan of the child's parentRequirementsRestrictions.
48.01.250Assistance or services in exchange for dues, assessments, or periodic or lump sum paymentsCertificate of authority requiredCertain travel or automobile services exceptedViolations.
48.01.260Health benefit plansCarriersClarification.
48.01.270PACE programsExemption.
48.01.280Private air ambulance serviceSubscription serviceExempt when conditions are met.