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Each regional transportation planning organization shall have the following duties:
(1) Prepare and periodically update a transportation strategy for the region. The strategy shall address alternative transportation modes and transportation demand management measures in regional corridors and shall recommend preferred transportation policies to implement adopted growth strategies. The strategy shall serve as a guide in preparation of the regional transportation plan.
(2) Prepare a regional transportation plan as set forth in RCW 47.80.030 that is consistent with countywide planning policies if such have been adopted pursuant to chapter 36.70A RCW, with county, city, and town comprehensive plans, and state transportation plans.
(3) Certify by December 31, 1996, that the transportation elements of comprehensive plans adopted by counties, cities, and towns within the region reflect the guidelines and principles developed pursuant to RCW 47.80.026, are consistent with the adopted regional transportation plan, and, where appropriate, conform with the requirements of RCW 36.70A.070.
(4) Where appropriate, certify that countywide planning policies adopted under RCW 36.70A.210 and the adopted regional transportation plan are consistent.
(5) Develop, in cooperation with the department of transportation, operators of public transportation services and local governments within the region, a six-year regional transportation improvement program which proposes regionally significant transportation projects and programs and transportation demand management measures. The regional transportation improvement program shall be based on the programs, projects, and transportation demand management measures of regional significance as identified by transit agencies, cities, and counties pursuant to RCW 35.58.2795, 35.77.010, and 36.81.121, respectively, and any recommended programs or projects identified by the agency council on coordinated transportation, as provided in *chapter 47.06B RCW, that advance special needs coordinated transportation as defined in *RCW 47.06B.012. The program shall include a priority list of projects and programs, project segments and programs, transportation demand management measures, and a specific financial plan that demonstrates how the transportation improvement program can be funded. The program shall be updated at least every two years for the ensuing six-year period.
(6) Include specific opportunities and projects to advance special needs coordinated transportation, as defined in *RCW 47.06B.012, in the coordinated transit-human services transportation plan, after providing opportunity for public comment.
(7) Designate a lead planning agency to coordinate preparation of the regional transportation plan and carry out the other responsibilities of the organization. The lead planning agency may be a regional organization, a component county, city, or town agency, or the appropriate Washington state department of transportation district office.
(8) Review level of service methodologies used by cities and counties planning under chapter 36.70A RCW to promote a consistent regional evaluation of transportation facilities and corridors.
(9) Work with cities, counties, transit agencies, the department of transportation, and others to develop level of service standards or alternative transportation performance measures.
(10) Submit to the agency council on coordinated transportation, as provided in *chapter 47.06B RCW, beginning on July 1, 2007, and every four years thereafter, an updated plan that includes the elements identified by the council. Each regional transportation planning organization must submit to the council every two years a prioritized regional human service and transportation project list.


*Reviser's note: Chapter 47.06B RCW was repealed by 2011 c 60 § 51.
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