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Airport capacity and facilities assessment.

(1) The aviation division of the department of transportation shall conduct a statewide airport capacity and facilities assessment. The assessment must include a statewide analysis of existing airport facilities, and passenger and air cargo transportation capacity, regarding both commercial aviation and general aviation; however, the primary focus of the assessment must be on commercial aviation. The assessment must at a minimum address the following issues:
(a) Existing airport facilities, both commercial and general aviation, including air side, land side, and airport service facilities;
(b) Existing air and airport capacity, including the number of annual passengers and air cargo operations;
(c) Existing airport services, including fixed based operator services, fuel services, and ground services; and
(d) Existing airspace capacity.
(2) The department shall consider existing information, technical analyses, and other research the department deems appropriate. The department may contract and consult with private independent professional and technical experts regarding the assessment.
(3) The department shall submit the assessment to the appropriate standing committees of the legislature, the governor, the transportation commission, and regional transportation planning organizations by July 1, 2006.
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