Chapter 47.64 RCW



47.64.005Declaration of policy.
47.64.006Public policy.
47.64.060Federal social securityState employees' retirement.
47.64.070Employees subject to industrial insurance laws.
47.64.090Other party operating ferry by rent, lease, or charterPassenger-only ferry service.
47.64.120Scope of negotiationsInterest on retroactive compensation increasesProhibitionsAgreement conflicts.
47.64.130Unfair labor practices.
47.64.132Unfair labor practice proceduresPowers and duties of commission.
47.64.137Application of RCW 41.56.037Bargaining representative access to new employees.
47.64.140Strikes, work stoppages, and lockouts prohibited.
47.64.160Union security provisions.
47.64.170Collective bargaining procedures.
47.64.175Collective bargaining agreement negotiation.
47.64.200Impasse procedures.
47.64.230Waiver of mediation.
47.64.250Legal actions.
47.64.260Notice and service.
47.64.270Insurance and health care.
47.64.290Toll bridge employees subject to civil service.
47.64.300Interest arbitrationProcedures.
47.64.310Interest arbitrationFunction.
47.64.320Parties not bound by arbitrationArbitration factors.
47.64.330Collective bargaining limitations.
47.64.340Ferry vessel captainsAuthority, responsibilitiesCollective bargaining.
47.64.350Ferry system performance measures and targetsDefinitions.
47.64.355Ferry system performance measures and targetsAd hoc committee.
47.64.360Ferry system performance measures and targetsReports.
47.64.900Section captions not part of law1983 c 15.
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