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Qualifications of contractorRules to assure.

The secretary of transportation shall adopt rules prescribing standards and criteria to assure that each ferry system construction and repair contract described in RCW 47.60.680 shall be awarded to a competent and responsible contractor who has all of the following qualifications:
(1) Adequate financial resources, which may take into account the ability of the contractor to secure such resources;
(2) The necessary organization, personnel, equipment, facilities, experience, and technical qualification[s] to perform ferry system construction and repair contracts generally and with respect to any specific contract such additional special qualifications as may be necessary to perform the contract;
(3) The ability to comply with the department's performance schedules taking into account the outstanding work on all of the contractor's construction and repair contracts;
(4) A satisfactory record of performing previous contracts;
(5) A satisfactory record of integrity, judgment, and skills; and
(6) Such other qualifications as the secretary may prescribe to assure that prequalified contractors are competent and responsible.
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