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Examinations and surveysPreliminary expensesFinancing.

For the purpose of obtaining information as to the necessity of the reconstruction or improvement of any such bridge and the expediency of constructing any such additional bridge it is the duty of the department to make any examination, investigation, survey, or reconnaissance pertaining thereto. The cost of any such examination, investigation, survey, or reconnaissance, and all preliminary expenses in the issuance of any revenue bonds, making surveys and appraisals and drafting, printing, issuance, and sale of bonds under this chapter, shall be advanced by any interested municipality, agency, or department of the state of Washington. All such advancements shall be reimbursed out of any proceeds derived from the sale of bonds or out of tolls and revenues to be derived by the department through its operations hereunder for account of the project, as may be agreed upon between the department and the municipality, agency, or department.
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