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Toll revenue bonds.

If and to the extent that the state finance committee determines, in consultation with the department of transportation and the tolling authority, that it will be beneficial for the state to issue any bonds authorized in RCW 47.10.879 and 47.10.883 through 47.10.885 as toll revenue bonds rather than as general obligation bonds, the state finance committee is authorized to issue and sell, upon the request of the department of transportation, such bonds as toll revenue bonds and not as general obligation bonds. Notwithstanding RCW 47.10.883, each such bond shall contain a recital that payment or redemption of the bond and payment of the interest and any premium thereon is payable solely from and secured solely by a direct pledge, charge, and lien upon toll revenue and is not a general obligation of the state to which the full faith and credit of the state is pledged.
Toll revenue is hereby pledged to the payment of any bonds and the interest thereon issued under the authority of this section, and the legislature agrees to continue to impose these toll charges on the state route number 520 corridor, and on any other eligible toll facility designated by the legislature and on which the imposition of tolls is authorized by the legislature in respect of the bonds, in amounts sufficient to pay, when due, the principal and interest on all bonds issued under the authority of this section.


Effective date2011 c 377: See note following RCW 47.56.796.
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