Chapter 47.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.02.010Buildings on east capitol site authorizedFinancing.
HTMLPDF 47.02.120District 1 headquarters bondsIssuance and sale.
HTMLPDF 47.02.130District 1 headquarters bondsUses of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 47.02.140District 1 headquarters bondsDuties of state finance committee.
HTMLPDF 47.02.150District 1 headquarters bondsProceeds, deposit and use.
HTMLPDF 47.02.160District 1 headquarters bondsStatement of general obligationPledge of excise taxes and vehicle-related fees.
HTMLPDF 47.02.170District 1 headquarters bondsRepayment procedureDesignated funds.
HTMLPDF 47.02.190District 1 headquarters bondsEqual charges against certain revenues and fees.