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Environmental review of transportation projectsCooperation with other environmental regulatory authorities.

The department shall, in cooperation with environmental regulatory authorities:
(1) Identify and document environmental resources in the development of the statewide multimodal plan under RCW 47.06.040;
(2) Allow for public comment regarding changes to the criteria used for prioritizing projects under chapter 47.05 RCW before final adoption of the changes by the commission;
(3) Use an environmental review as part of the project prospectus identifying potential environmental impacts, mitigation, the utilization of the mitigation option available in RCW 90.74.040, and costs during the early project identification and selection phase, submit the prospectus to the relevant environmental regulatory authorities, and maintain a record of comments and proposed revisions received from the authorities;
(4) Actively work with the relevant environmental regulatory authorities during the design alternative analysis process and seek written concurrence from the authorities that they agree with the preferred design alternative selected;
(5) Develop a uniform methodology, in consultation with relevant environmental regulatory authorities, for submitting plans and specifications detailing project elements that impact environmental resources, and proposed mitigation measures including the mitigation option available in RCW 90.74.040, to the relevant environmental regulatory authorities during the preliminary specifications and engineering phase of project development;
(6) Screen construction projects to determine which projects will require complex or multiple permits. The permitting authorities shall develop methods for initiating review of the permit applications for the projects before the final design of the projects;
(7) Conduct special prebid meetings for those projects that are environmentally complex; and
(8) Review environmental considerations related to particular projects during the preconstruction meeting held with the contractor who is awarded the bid.


Captions not law1994 c 258: See note following RCW 36.70A.420.
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