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Factors considered by administrative law judge.

In determining whether good cause exists for permitting the proposed establishment or relocation of a dealer of the same line make, the factors that the administrative law judge shall consider must include, but are not limited to the following:
(1) The extent, nature, and permanency of the investment of both the existing dealers of the same line make in the relevant market area and the proposed additional or relocating dealer, including obligations reasonably incurred by the existing dealers to perform their obligations under their respective franchises;
(2) The growth or decline in population and new motorsports vehicle registrations during the past five years in the relevant market area;
(3) The effect on the consuming public;
(4) The effect on the existing dealers in the relevant market area, including any adverse financial impact;
(5) The reasonably expected or anticipated vehicle market for the relevant market area, including demographic factors such as age of population, income, education, size class preference, product popularity, retail lease transactions, or other factors affecting sales to consumers in the relevant market area;
(6) Whether it is injurious or beneficial to the public welfare for an additional dealership to be established;
(7) Whether the dealers of the same line make in the relevant market area are providing adequate competition and convenient customer care for the motorsports vehicles of the same line make in the relevant market area, including the adequacy of motorsports vehicle sales and service facilities, equipment, supply of vehicle parts, and qualified service personnel;
(8) Whether the establishment of an additional dealer would increase competition and be in the public interest;
(9) Whether the manufacturer is motivated principally by good faith to establish an additional or new dealer and not by noneconomic considerations;
(10) Whether the manufacturer has denied its existing dealers of the same line make the opportunity for reasonable growth, market expansion, or relocation;
(11) Whether the protesting dealer or dealers are in substantial compliance with their dealer agreements or franchises; and
(12) Whether the manufacturer has complied with the requirements of RCW 46.93.120 and 46.93.130.
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