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Administration of knowledge and driving portions of driver licensing examinationRulesDepartment oversight authority.

(1) Driver training schools may administer the portions of the driver licensing examination that test the applicant's knowledge of traffic laws and ability to safely operate a motor vehicle as authorized under RCW 46.20.120(6).
(2) The director shall adopt rules to regulate the administration of the knowledge and driving portions of the driver licensing examination. The rules must include, but are not limited to, the following provisions:
(a) Limitations or requirements that determine which driver training schools may administer the knowledge portion of the examination;
(b) Limitations or requirements that determine which driver training schools may administer the driving portion of the examination;
(c) Requirements for the content and method of conducting the examinations to ensure consistency with industry practices;
(d) Requirements for recordkeeping;
(e) A requirement that all driver training school employees conducting driver licensing examinations meet the same qualifications and education and training standards as department employees who conduct such examinations, to the extent necessary to conduct the written and driving skills portions of the examinations;
(f) Requirements related to whether a driver training school staff member may provide both driver training instruction and the driver licensing examination to any one student;
(g) Requirements for retesting and expiring examination results;
(h) Requirements for the department to monitor outcomes for applicants who take a driver licensing examination through a driver training school and to make the outcomes available to the public;
(i) Requirements for annual auditing, which must include the collection of current information regarding insurance, curriculums, instructors' names and licenses, and a selection of random student files to review for accuracy; and
(j) Sanctions for violations of the rules adopted under this section.
(3) Before a driver training school may provide a portion of the driver licensing examination, it must enter into an agreement with the department that, at a minimum, contains provisions that:
(a) Allow the department to conduct random examinations, inspections, and audits without prior notice;
(b) Allow the department to conduct on-site inspections at least annually;
(c) Allow the department to test, at least annually, a random sample of the drivers approved by the driver training school for licensure and to cancel any driver's license that may have been issued to any driver selected for testing who refuses to be tested; and
(d) Reserve to the department the right to take prompt and appropriate action against a driver training school that fails to comply with state or federal standards for a driver licensing examination or to comply with any terms of the agreement.


Inclusion of stakeholder groups in communications to facilitate transition of driver licensing examination administration2011 c 370: "In communications facilitating the transition to driver training schools and school districts administering portions of the driver licensing examination, the department of licensing shall include at least one representative from each stakeholder group, including the superintendent of public instruction, driver training schools, the unions representing licensing services representatives, and the Washington state school directors' association." [ 2011 c 370 § 7.]
Intent2011 c 370: See note following RCW 28A.220.030.
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