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Suspension, revocation, or denial of licensesAppeal of actionEmergency suspensionHearing, notice and procedure.

Upon notification of suspension, revocation, denial, or refusal to renew a license under this chapter, a driver training school or instructor shall have the right to appeal the action being taken. An appeal may be made to the director, who shall cause a hearing to be held in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW. Filing an appeal shall stay the action pending the hearing and the director's decision. Upon conclusion of the hearing, the director shall issue a decision on the appeal.
(1) A license may, however, be temporarily suspended by the director without notice pending any prosecution, investigation, or hearing where such emergency action is warranted. A licensee or applicant entitled to a hearing shall be given due notice thereof.
(2) The sending of a notice of a hearing by registered mail to the last known address of a licensee or applicant in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW shall be deemed due notice.
(3) The director or the director's authorized representative shall preside over the hearing and shall have the power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths to witnesses, take testimony of any person, and cause depositions to be taken. A subpoena issued under the authority of this section shall be served in the same manner as a subpoena issued by a court of record. Witnesses subpoenaed under this section and persons other than officers or employees of the department of licensing shall be entitled to the same fees and mileage as are allowed in civil actions in courts of law.


Effective date2006 c 219: See note following RCW 46.82.285.
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