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Instructor's license.

(1) No person affiliated with a driver training school shall give instruction in the operation of an automobile for a fee without a license issued by the director for that purpose. An application for an original or renewal instructor's license shall be filed with the director, containing such information as prescribed by this chapter and by the director, accompanied by an application fee set by rule of the department, which shall in no event be refunded. An application for a renewal instructor's license must be accompanied by proof of the applicant's continuing professional development that meets the standards adopted by the director. If the applicant satisfactorily meets the application requirements as prescribed in RCW 46.82.330, the applicant shall be granted a license valid for a period of two years from the date of issuance. An applicant for a renewal instructor's license is not required to retake the examination specified in RCW 46.82.330 to renew his or her instructor's license if his or her original instructor's license is unexpired or has not been expired for longer than six months before submission of his or her renewal application.
(2) The director shall issue a license certificate to each qualified applicant.
(a) An employing driver training school must conspicuously display an instructor's license at its established place of business and display copies of the instructor's license at any branch office where the instructor provides instruction.
(b) Unless revoked, canceled, or denied by the director, the license shall remain the property of the licensee in the event of termination of employment or employment by another driver training school.
(c) If the director has not received a renewal application on or before the date a license expires, the license is void, requiring a new application as provided for in this chapter, including payment of all fees, as well as an examination subject to the exception in subsection (1) of this section.
(d) If revoked, canceled, or denied by the director, the license must be surrendered to the department within ten days following the effective date of such action.
(3) Each licensee shall be provided with a wallet-size identification card by the director at the time the license is issued which shall be in the instructor's immediate possession at all times while engaged in instructing.
(4) The person to whom an instructor's license has been issued shall notify the director in writing within ten days of any change of employment or termination of employment, providing the name and address of the new driver training school by whom the instructor will be employed.


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