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License penalties, civil fines, criminal penalties.

(1) The director or a designee may, pursuant to the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW, by order deny, suspend, or revoke the license of a vehicle wrecker, or assess a civil fine of up to five hundred dollars for each violation, if the director finds that the applicant or licensee has:
(a) Acquired a vehicle or major component part other than by first obtaining title or other documentation as provided by this chapter;
(b) Willfully misrepresented the physical condition of any motor or integral part of a vehicle;
(c) Sold, had in the wrecker's possession, or disposed of a vehicle or any part thereof when he or she knows that the vehicle or part has been stolen, or appropriated without the consent of the owner;
(d) Sold, bought, received, concealed, had in the wrecker's possession, or disposed of a vehicle or part thereof having a missing, defaced, altered, or covered manufacturer's identification number, unless approved by a law enforcement officer;
(e) Committed forgery or misstated a material fact on any title, registration, or other document covering a vehicle that has been reassembled from parts obtained from the disassembling of other vehicles;
(f) Committed any dishonest act or omission that the director has reason to believe has caused loss or serious inconvenience as a result of a sale of a vehicle or part thereof;
(g) Failed to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter or with any of the rules adopted under it, or with any of the provisions of Title 46 RCW relating to registration and certificates of title of vehicles;
(h) Procured a license fraudulently or dishonestly;
(i) Been convicted of a crime that directly relates to the business of a vehicle wrecker and the time elapsed since conviction is less than ten years, or suffered any judgment within the preceding five years in any civil action involving fraud, misrepresentation, or conversion. For the purposes of this section, conviction means in addition to a final conviction in either a federal, state, or municipal court, an unvacated forfeiture of bail or collateral deposited to secure a defendant's appearance in court, the payment of a fine, a plea of guilty, or a finding of guilt regardless of whether the sentence is deferred or the penalty is suspended.
(2) In addition to actions by the department under this section, it is a gross misdemeanor to violate subsection (1)(a), (b), or (h) of this section.


Severability1977 ex.s. c 253: See note following RCW 46.80.005.
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