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Transporting junk vehicles to scrap processorRemoval of parts, restrictions.

Any hulk hauler or scrap processor licensed under the provisions of this chapter may:
(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, transport any flattened or junk vehicle whether such vehicle is from in state or out of state, to a scrap processor upon obtaining the certificate of title or release of interest from the owner or an affidavit of sale from the landowner who has complied with RCW 46.55.230. The scrap processor shall forward such document(s) to the department, together with a monthly report of all vehicles acquired from other than a licensed automobile wrecker, and no further identification shall be necessary.
(2) Prepare vehicles and vehicle salvage for transportation and delivery to a scrap processor or vehicle wrecker only by removing the following vehicle parts:
(a) Gas tanks;
(b) Vehicle seats containing springs;
(c) Tires;
(d) Wheels;
(e) Scrap batteries;
(f) Scrap radiators.
Such parts may not be removed if they will be accepted by a scrap processor or wrecker. Such parts may be removed only at a properly zoned location, and all preparation activity, vehicles, and vehicle parts shall be obscured from public view. Storage is limited to two vehicles or the parts thereof which are authorized by this subsection, and any such storage may take place only at a properly zoned location. Any vehicle parts removed under the authority of this subsection shall be lawfully disposed of at or through a public facility or service for waste disposal or by sale to a licensed vehicle wrecker.
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