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When used in this chapter:
(1) The term "for hire vehicle" includes all vehicles used for the transportation of passengers for compensation, except auto stages, school buses operating exclusively under a contract to a school district, ride-sharing vehicles under chapter 46.74 RCW, limousine carriers licensed under chapter 46.72A RCW, vehicles used by nonprofit transportation providers for persons who are aging or persons with a disability and their attendants under chapter 81.66 RCW, vehicles used by auto transportation companies licensed under chapter 81.68 RCW, vehicles used to provide courtesy transportation at no charge to and from parking lots, hotels, and rental offices, and vehicles used by charter party carriers of passengers and excursion service carriers licensed under chapter 81.70 RCW;
(2) The term "for hire operator" means and includes any person, concern, or entity engaged in the transportation of passengers for compensation in for hire vehicles.


Severability1979 c 111: See note following RCW 46.74.010.
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