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(1) Before issuing a vehicle dealer's license, the department shall require the applicant to file with the department a surety bond in the amount of:
(a) Thirty thousand dollars for motor vehicle dealers;
(b) Thirty thousand dollars for mobile home, park trailer, and travel trailer dealers;
(c) Five thousand dollars for miscellaneous dealers,
running to the state, and executed by a surety company authorized to do business in the state. Such bond shall be approved by the attorney general as to form and conditioned that the dealer shall conduct his or her business in conformity with the provisions of this chapter.
Any retail purchaser, consignor who is not a motor vehicle dealer, or a motor vehicle dealer who has purchased from, sold to, or otherwise transacted business with a wholesale dealer, who has suffered any loss or damage by reason of any act by a dealer which constitutes a violation of this chapter shall have the right to institute an action for recovery against such dealer and the surety upon such bond. However, under this section, motor vehicle dealers who have purchased from, sold to, or otherwise transacted business with wholesale dealers may only institute actions against wholesale dealers and their surety bonds. Successive recoveries against said bond shall be permitted, but the aggregate liability of the surety to all persons shall in no event exceed the amount of the bond. Upon exhaustion of the penalty of said bond or cancellation of the bond by the surety the vehicle dealer license shall automatically be deemed canceled.
(2) The bond for any vehicle dealer licensed or to be licensed under more than one classification shall be the highest bond required for any such classification.
(3) Vehicle dealers shall maintain a bond for each business location in this state and bond coverage for all temporary subagencies.
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