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Denial of license.

The director may deny a license under this chapter when the application is a subterfuge that conceals the real person in interest whose license has been denied, suspended, or revoked for cause under this chapter and the terms have not been fulfilled or a civil penalty has not been paid, the director finds that the application was not filed in good faith, or the issuance of a new license or subagency would cause a manufacturer, distributor, factory branch, or factory representative, or an agent, officer, parent company, wholly or partially owned subsidiary, affiliated entity, or other person controlled by or under common control with a manufacturer, distributor, factory branch, or factory representative, to be in violation of chapter 46.96 RCW. This section does not preclude the department from taking an action against a current licensee.


Application2014 c 214: "This act applies to all franchises and contracts between manufacturers and new motor vehicle dealers amended, renewed, or entered into after June 12, 2014. For purposes of chapter 46.96 RCW, an agreement between a manufacturer and new motor vehicle dealer entered into after June 12, 2014, addressing any issues governed by chapter 46.96 RCW, is considered an amendment to an existing franchise." [ 2014 c 214 § 9.]
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